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Under The Mango Tree By Bina Pillai

Author interview

Would you like to tell us about you?

I was born in Trivandrum (Kerala) but I was brought up in Chennai (Tamilnadu), and New-Delhi. I am an alumnus of Good Shepherd Convent (Chennai) and Lady Shri Ram college (New-Delhi). I had scored distinction in Economics in my first year of college and I was in awe of my father. He loved art and culture which he inculcated in me.

I was married off against my wishes at the age of 18yrs, in the middle of my second year.

However, that did not deter me from following my passion. I was not able to graduate but held senior positions in corporates, managed a library and I have been a crusader for social issues.

I have been a committee member of our Housing society for eight years looking after facility management. I have two lovely children and three grand-children. My daughter graduated in Electronics Engineering, but is passionate about teaching. She teaches Maths and Physics.

My son has done MBA, and is a private banker in a multinational bank.

I was the citizen journalist on CNNIBN in 2008, because I wanted to create awareness about the lack of schools for Dyslexic children. My grandson is Dyslexic. I was delighted when I got a good school for children with Learning Difficulty next to my house three years later.

I love people, music, writing, cooking, painting, swimming, teaching, gardening, nature, photography, interior-designing, event management, and travelling. I have travelled widely and I enjoy learning about different culture and tradition.

I have worked in corporates, taught children and managed a travel agency for 15 years.

That is a long introduction. Smiley. You have done a lot in your life. It is written in your bio that it’s a true story, Is it your story?

It is partly my biography but I had to weave a story to make it more interesting for the readers. I would like the story to be intriguing so it’s left to the readers to decide which is real and which is fiction.

Okay. Let the readers decide it then. I would like to know if you are working on any more projects?

I have two books in the pipeline and they will be published next year. One is a collection of short stories which are real life experiences and anecdotes with a message at the end. The book is named “Nuggets of wisdom.” The second book is a collection of inspirational poems, “Mystical Dewdrops.”

That is good to know. I wish you best of luck for your upcoming projects. What do you think a girl should do in real life if she gets a husband like Rajagopal?

People who are manipulative because of a personality disorder do not usually change. It’s a rollercoaster journey with them. It’s better to leave them in the beginning itself and move on.

One final question, Any suggestion to the current generation about love?

Love is a magical miracle.

Its ecstatic but not logical.

It’s a mystery I don’t want to unravel,

Its soulful, in it you shall revel!

Smiley. That was beautiful. Thank you for your time.

Under The Mango Tree By Bina Pillai

Book Summary:

It is a story of a beautiful, energetic and passionate girl, Diya Nair. The story begins in 1975 when Diya moves to Delhi with her family. There she meets a handsome guy, Aditya and they fall for each other. But at the age of just 18, she is forced to marry a guy named Rajgopal into an orthodox family. Rajgopal is 10 years older than Diya. She manages to live in the new family and get love from her in-laws. But Rajgopal never loves her and never treats her well. He is a very difficult person to live with. Rajgopal is abusive and never lets Diya live her life the way she wants. He always stops her from doing anything she likes. After a few years. Diya meets Aditya again. Aditya is also married now. They both have children and a family. But none of them is happy in their respective married life. So, they take a decision to do something about it. To know what they do, you need to read the novel.

My review:

Being a proud feminist, I believe that every woman should have a right to the freedom of choice. This novel is a story of how a life of a women is spoiled because of wrong choices made for her by someone else. And how beautiful it gets when she decides to make her own choices. Few of you might agree with the choices she makes, few of you might not agree with them. But in either case, the book is worth a read.

What I liked in the book?

I liked the never to give up nature of Diya. I liked the fact that she kept on trying to make her life better instead of quitting.

What I didn’t like?

First two chapters are very slow. Interest kicks in from the third chapter.

Who is the best reader for this book?

I think everyone should read it. There is something to learn in this book for everyone.

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