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Black Lives Matter!

Blacky, a 4-year-old black cloud was playing outside his little home. He was making cloudy balls on the ground made of black clouds and throwing them up. Smiling when he saw them burst into thin air. Suddenly, his eyes widened by a flash coming from a distance. He looked at the direction of the light, mesmerized. At a far distance, on a hill of snowy white clouds, there were a lot of stairs, leading to the door from where the light was coming. He had seen that door a lot of times before, but never saw it open. It was the first time for him. He had never even heard of anyone he knew talking about it. He had always wondered where that door leads to but no one told him. He remembered asking his mother many times, ‘Mother, what that door is? And where does it open to?’

And his mother would say, ‘It opens to somewhere we can’t go. Don’t think about it.’

He had stopped talking about it with time but his curiosity never died. Instead, it made him more interested in knowing about that door. He had made up his mind to find out about it, someday.

And today, that day came, when he saw the door to open for the first time. His eyes were still widened, looking at the glowing light coming out of it. To him it felt like a source of some positive and divine energy. He kept looking at the door curiously when a voice was heard, ‘There is a vacancy for a cloud in The Heaven!’

As soon as the announcement was made, all the young clouds started to run towards the snowy hill. He was too young to go there. So he just kept on looking at the other clouds who were trying to outrun each other in a hurry to be there first.

While looking around, he observed something strange. All the clouds who were running towards the door of The Heaven were white! And all the black clouds were just looking down with sad expressions, not moving an inch from their position. He was confused, and thought of going to one of the black clouds and ask why is he not going to The Heaven? But his mother came looking for him at the same time. So instead, he asked his mother, ‘Why aren’t they going for The Heaven mother?’

His mother looked at the opened door. She had heard the announcement as well. But as usual, she didn’t respond to it. That announcement didn’t even bring any curiosity or smile or excitement for her. She sat beside her child and said in a loving voice, ‘My child, Heaven has no place for us. It is filled only with white clouds.’

The curious child asked instantly, ‘Who said that?’

His mother, though knew that no black cloud had ever walked those stairs to reach the door of The Heaven, didn’t know who made that rule. She was speechless!

Looking at her expressions, Blacky said, ‘Once I get older, I will go to The Heaven!’

Loving mother didn’t want to break her child’s little heart. So instead of trying to tell him that it was impossible, she decided to play along, knowing that someday, he would face and understand the reality and said, ‘Yes my love. You go to The Heaven when you grow old.’

The child smiled with happiness and his eyes had a spark at that moment. He looked at the door of The Heaven, where he saw some white cloud going inside and the door closing behind him. The light started to reduce and vanished after some time. But the light in the eyes of the child was growing stronger.

Suddenly, it all changed, when he heard a cruel laughter. He looked at the direction of the laughter and saw few white clouds laughing at him. One of the clouds, Whity, said arrogantly, to his friends, ‘See, one more Black cloud is trying to reach the impossible. He too will be disappointed like the others of his black community.’

They all started laughing again. Blacky looked at his mother. She was sad. Wanted to defend her child, but knew the reality. So, couldn’t say a word. But Blacky, being unaware of the fact, said, ‘Why is it impossible? It was not impossible for the cloud who just went inside that door. Then why would it be impossible for me?’

‘Because you don’t deserve it.’, Whity said, arrogantly and continued in commanding voice, ‘Stay in your limits. Don’t dare to cross the line not meant for you.’

Little Blacky’s eyes filled with the tears of humiliation. Before he could say anything, his mother took him in her arms and started walking towards her home.

Whity shouted from behind, ‘Yeah. Go to that little garbage you call home. That is all he deserves. And tell your bloody child to not to dream the impossible.’

Blacky looked at Whity. Whity looked blurred because of the layer of tear that was formed in his eyes. But he could still clearly here the cruel and humiliating laughter which was piercing his little heart. But his mother was un-phased and un-moved by the comments Whity was passing. She didn’t say anything in the defense of her child, neither did she turn back to look at them. She just kept on walking towards her home. Seemed like it was not new for her and she had learnt to live with it.

Six years passed. . .

Blacky was 10 now. Last six years were painful for him as Whity and his friends bullied him every day. Picking up on him for saying that he would go to The Heaven. By now, Blacky has understood why no black could has ever made it to The Heaven. It was because white clouds had monopoly in there. The stairs to the door of The Heaven were on the white ground which made an unsaid rule that only white clouds have the right to go to The Heaven. All the white clouds looked shiny. The homes they lived in were big and beautiful and the ground they walked on was white as milk and smooth as silk. Whereas, the ground of black clouds was black as coal, uneven and constantly shaking with thundering sound. Their homes were small because big houses could not resist the shaking of the ground. It was not at all fancy. Blacky regretted the day he said he would go to The Heaven. If it was possible to go back in time and change that day. He would definitely do that and never talk about Heaven again. But unfortunately, he couldn’t change the time and hence, he couldn’t stop the humiliation, he was facing since that day.

It was one such day. . .

Whity was picking up on him with his friends and Blacky was looking down with humiliation, trying to find a will to resist them, but failing to do so. When. . .

He saw light on his feet. He understood what it was and looked up.

The door of The Heaven was opening again, after six years. He saw the same beautiful light of positive energy coming out of The Heaven as the door opened completely. But this time, there was no light in his eyes after seeing that mesmerizing view. He was now as cold as other clouds he had seen four years ago. He was now in their shoes.

‘This time the place is definitely yours Whity. There is no one more deserving than you.’, One of the friends of Whity said and the rest of them agreed in singular tone. There was no competition for Whity that year. He was a child of the leader of the white clouds. He was arrogant and powerful. All other clouds had spent their days trying to be around him and impress him. No one was willing to compete with him to go to The Heaven. Whity was in no rush. He knew that the place was his. He arrogantly looked at Blacky and said, ‘Don’t you want to go to The Heaven? You were so confident that you will be the next cloud entering The Heaven. What happened now?’

Blacky didn’t say anything. He was just glad that Whity will go to The Heaven and the humiliation to him will stop. But Whity on the other hand didn’t stop. He wanted to use every second he has to humiliate Blacky one last time. He said looking at Blacky, ‘You bloody Blacky, how could you even think of going to The Heaven? You are a black cloud. You are born to live below us and die below us. You don’t deserve to go to The Heaven and your eyes don’t deserve to even look at The Heaven.’

Whity and all his friends laughed at Blacky again. One last time. But it was too much for Blacky now. Even though it was the last time for Whity to humiliate Blacky. It was not the last time that there would be no other Whity or no other Blacky. It was a long chain that was increasing day by day since years. Someone has to break it otherwise it would keep on increasing, leaving no space for the next Blackys to breath freely. Blacky froze at his spot. His palms clenched. His eyes were stern. He looked at The Heaven with cold eyes. Thought something and to everyone’s surprise, started running towards The Heaven. In his heart, he knew that it was impossible for a black cloud to enter The Heaven. But today, he was determined to do the impossible.

Whity saw Blacky running towards The Heaven. He was confident that Blacky will not get a place in The Heaven. But some black cloud even attempting to go to The Heaven was a big blow to his ego. He and his friends started to chase Blacky.

Blacky didn’t have habit to run on the silky White terrain. He was feeling slippery and was cautious while running. Whity and his friends soon reached to him. Whity’s friends held Balcky and Whity started his journey towards The Heaven. Blacky used all his force and somehow managed to get out of the hold of Whity’s friends and started running towards The Heave with full force. Whity saw him coming close and picked up speed. There was not much of a distance between them. It was a close call. Blacky, even though, was not sure if he would get inside The Heaven, did not want to give up without a fight. Whity, even though, was sure that he would get into The Heaven, did not want to lose the race with a black cloud.

Whity got slow on the stairs. Blacky, being habitual to walk on the uneven ground, crossed Whity very soon. Blacky was ahead now. Whity, filled with rage, tried hard to cross Blacky. But Blacky was not giving him any chance. Soon enough, Blacky reached the topmost stair. It was now a small corridor from the last stair to the door of The Heaven. Blacky stopped at the beginning of the corridor for a moment, looking at the glowing light coming out of the door of The Heaven. The light was so shiny that he couldn’t see what was inside. His heart was now filled with a glimpse of hope after being so close to what he always wanted.

But before he could take a step forward. . .

He heard a cry from below. He looked down and saw Earth. He saw that Earth was dry and wrinkled. Crying in low and painful voice, ‘Water. . . Water. . . Water. . .’

Blacky froze where he was. He could not take any step forward after looking at Earth.

Whity crossed him and ran towards the door. But Blacky was not thinking about Whity or The Heaven anymore. He was only thinking about Earth’s cry for help.

Blacky raised his arm up.

Whity was close to the door of The Heaven when he heard a thundering sound. He stopped and looked back out of shock and curiosity.

He saw a sword of thunder forming in the air with huge thundering sound.

Blacky held that sword of thunder and pierced it through his heart!

A painful cry came out of Balcky’s mouth, just before he shut his eyes with peace. His entire body flew up and he was now floating horizontally in air with his eyes closed. In a moment, rain started to come out from his heart and sprinkled over the Earth. Earth’s cry for help stopped and she smiled with happiness.

Whity saw all this with shocking eyes and then said, coming back to consciousness, ‘How stupide.’

He gave one cruel smile to floating body of Blacky and turned around to go inside The Heaven.

But. . .

To his surprise, the door of The Heaven started to close. He ran fast towards the door but it closed before he could reach it. Whity started to knock hard on the door saying, ‘Please open the door. There is a vacancy for a cloud in The Heaven. I want to get in. Please open the door!’

But the door didn’t open. Instead, a voice came. There was only one place and it got filled.

Whity was even more surprised now. He said hastily, ‘How is that possible. I am the first one to be here. Then how it got filled? And who did you give that place?’

A voice came from the inside, ‘To Blacky, for selflessly devoting his life, to give life, to dry and wrinkled Earth.’


Have you ever imagined or thought about heaven? If yes, then, have you ever thought of a black cloud in the background or always thought of it as shiny, filled with white clouds?

Do you believe, that to see the change in real, we also need to change the way we imagine???

Avinash Meshram

Author of, I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!

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