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I am Avinash Meshram (You must know that. Smiley.)

I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Editor, Blogger, Digital Content writer and a passionate reader. I also write short stories and poems, but I don’t publish them. I only write them as a hobby. I have been interested in reading and writing since a very young age. But could never gather the courage to become a published author for a long time. And now, at the age of 34, I have finally taken the big step of testing my potential as an author.

But, it doesn’t matter how good I write, until you like my work. I try hard to write a good story and work with passion while writing a novel. I try to touch the reality of life through the fiction that I write. I hope you will give a try to my novels and like it. I hope you will let me know how you felt after reading it. You can mail me at,

Appreciation from you will inspire me to keep writing. And your criticism will help me understand what shall I do to make my writing even better.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Why this website?

This website is a reflection of my perspective, my thoughts, my actions and my life as an author. The main reasons of building this website are:

  • To connect with you. I need to know how you feel after reading my stories. So that I could keep on updating myself to entertain you better.

  • To express my views towards life and my perspective towards whatever is happening around us. I have attached a blog named, Shades of Life, in this website. You can find it in the section of blogs. I believe, my views are a little different than common notions. So I can’t promise that you will like it. But I can promise that whatever I write is what I believe.

  • To let you know about how I turned out to be an author. How did I approach it and how am I embracing it? I will write about it in my blog, My journey as author. You can find it in the blog section. I will keep on updating this blog whenever something notable happens in my life as an author. This blog will act as a guide for some of you who want to pursue career in writing. And for the rest, you can read it just to know about me. smiley.

  • I believe there are very good stories hiding behind some titles that we have never heard of. And there are also some bad stories behind some titles that we keep on hearing about due to marketing stunts or anything else. There are so many books in the world that even if we read on book in one hour, we cannot finish all the books that are written. While being busy in our life, we get to read only a fraction of what is available. In such a case, if you get your hands on a book that you don’t like, then it feels frustrating. In the same way, there are some very talented authors who have written some good stories which are worth a read. But they lack in getting their stories to the people who would love them. I am trying to become the bridge between good books and the people who would love them. That is why, I am going to post about every book that I read, on this site. It would be posted on the reviews section. I would post the review about the book that I read. You can read the review, and if you like it, then you can try the novel. It would help you get to some good stories.


Novels written by me


I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!  

Ekansh is a talented but notorious guy from a family that is struggling through financial status. Ekansh have a goal of getting out of this financial difficulties by landing a good job. He studies very hard to get into IIT Bombay for MSc Mathematics. Ekansh do not have time for love and he doesn’t believe in love. But he does get into short term relationships to enjoy the life.

Shalini is a smart, beautiful and rich girl from Delhi. She believes in true love and has a boyfriend who is studying in IIT Delhi. Her boyfriend is everything for her. She also joins MSc Mathematics in IIT Bombay.

Ekansh and Shalini meet in the IIT.

What will happen next?

Will Ekansh convince Shalini for a fling or will fall in love with her?

Will Shalini allow Ekansh to enter in her life or will push him away because she already has a boyfriend?

Will Ekansh and Shalini ever think the same or will always be two people with different ideologies?

I Don’t Need Reason. I Need you! is a story of friendship, fling, love, heartbreak and betrayal.

I assure you, you will not be able to leave it aside once you finish the first chapter. The first chapter is available for free on Amazon and on google play.

I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!_Ebook